Mission Statement of Sacred Heart Church

Called by God, we, Sacred Heart Parish Community gathered in Christ's universal Roman Catholic Church in this twenty-first century celebrate the gift of our faith. We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek to live our lives to bring the presence of Jesus to all people.
By striving to live our faith we hope to inspire future generations to center their lives in the heart of Jesus.

Pastor: Reverend Mark R. Jette

Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Grigoriou

Rectory: Telephone: 860-668-4246 Fax: 860-668-1337
Email: sheart.church@sbcglobal.net

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
(Rectory Office closed on Friday and Holidays)

Religious Education:
Telephone: 860-668-7766 Fax: 860-370-5164

Donna Swols, Director

Pat Sagon, Confirmation Coordinator

Administrative Assistant: Jackie Dion

A Message from Father Mark Jette


A fisherman puts a worm on a hook and drops it into the water. The fish sees only the worm and bites. The fish discovers too late that the promise of a meal is actually a trap. That’s how temptation works. What will lead us away from God is made to look good so we will choose it. The hook of sin does not reveal itself until after we bite. But unlike a fish which acts solely on instinct, we have free will. May God bless us with wisdom to see through the allure of temptation and to choose what will lead us to God.


Turn these stones into bread.

Jesus was hungry. His feelings were telling him to eat. The temptation was to follow his feelings. We get the same temptation - if it feels good, do it.
If you feel like cheating, do it. If you feel like getting drunk, do it. If you feel like punching someone, do it. Do what your feelings tell you to do.
But feelings do not have a conscience, so God gave us a mind to control our feelings, like Jesus did.

Jump off the temple. The angels will save you.

The temptation was to put on a show. Jesus would be popular with the crowd. We get the same temptation - Be popular. Do what the crowd wants you to do. Fit in with the crowd at all costs. It’s called peer pressure. If friends are using drugs, you use them. If friends are bullying someone, you join in. If friends skip church, you stay away. People will do things in a crowd they would not do on their own. But crowds do not have a conscience. Jesus came to teach us truth, whether it was popular or not.

I will give you all wealth and power if you will worship me.

The temptation was the allure of wealth and power. We get the same temptation – The more you have, the happier you will be. Whoever dies with the most toys, wins. But wealth and power do not guarantee happiness or heaven. Jesus taught us not to seek riches on earth but to build up treasure in heaven.

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