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Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Grigoriou

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From the Pastor’s Desk

We think of the Apostles as giants of the faith. But they were ordinary people like us. They often failed to grasp what Jesus was trying to teach. Peter denied knowing Jesus. Judas betrayed Him. Thomas doubted that He had risen. They all were in hiding after His resurrection. It was only after Jesus sent them His Spirit on Pentecost that they became giants of faith. They were able to teach and heal and inspire as Jesus had done. It wasn’t them doing these works. It was the Spirit of Jesus working through them. An electric cord by itself has no power, but when plugged in to a power outlet, the cord comes to life with power. We are the cords and the Holy Spirit is the power of God that works through us.

Jesus continues to teach and heal and inspire today through us. It isn’t us doing these works. We’re only ordinary people. It’s the Spirit of Jesus working through us.

Due to the pandemic, the Archbishop has allocated additional emergency grants to be made to 91 local charities that already received a grant last fall. These 91 charities provide direct assistance through soup kitchens, food pantries, food banks, and shelters. The additional grants total $332,000 and are due to the generosity of our Catholic people to the Annual Appeal.

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