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Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Grigoriou

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From the Pastor’s Desk
We have all seen relay races in track and field meets. Four runners take part in this team race. When a runner completes their part of the race, they pass a baton to the next runner to continue the race. When Jesus ascended to heaven, He passed the baton of faith to His disciples as He told them: You will now be My witnesses. The baton of faith has been passed from one generation to another over 2000 years...from our grandparents to our parents...and now it has been handed to be witnesses to keep the faith... and to hand it on to others.

Memorial Day

A day to honor all who served in our Armed Forces and who gave their lives for us.
A day to honor our deceased family members who helped to make us who we are today.
May the memory of their lives inspire us to faithfully serve God, family, and others.

Memorial Day Prayer Service at St. Joseph Cemetery
10:00 AM
A service with readings, prayers, and Holy Communion in memory of veterans and our deceased loved ones.
Bring a folding chair and a facemask.

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