Sponsor Certificate Guidelines




Sponsor Certificates:  Our parish receives a number of requests for Sponsor Certificates from people who have been asked to be a Godparent at a Baptism or a Sponsor at a Confirmation. This certificate verifies that you are an active Catholic, a member of this parish and eligible for this honor.  Being a Godparent or a Sponsor is not just a family or social relationship, as important as these may be.  It is a profound spiritual responsibility which entails witness and commitment, and, for this reason, there are several requirements:


a) The Godparent/Sponsor must be at least sixteen years old.

b) He/she must have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.

c) If married, the Sponsor/Godparent must have been married according to the laws of the Church.


For the Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish to issue a Sponsor Certificate, these are required:


a) You must be a  currently registered member of the parish.

b) You must worship here regularly and contribute to the life and work of the parish.

c) You must request the Sponsor Certificate yourself; please do not ask a parent, spouse or another person to do this for you.

d) No Sponsor Certificates will be signed or issued in the Lobby or the Sacristy of the church before or after weekend Masses.


Please call Father DeVito at the Rectory (668-4246) well in advance when Sponsor Certificates are needed.  There may be a turnaround period of several days before the Sponsor Certificate can be issued.



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