Becoming Catholic

Is Catholicism for You?

Perhaps you are moved by the beauty of the Mass. Maybe the Catholic Church's strong promotion of the sanctity of human life and her other social teachings attract you. Or a friend or family member is a Catholic and you admire that person's faith life and spirituality.

Whatever the reasons or however strong they may be, you may be considering becoming a member of the Catholic Church. Just how does a person become a Catholic?

The RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (RCIA) is the journey adults make together in deepening one's relationship with Jesus Christ and His living Body, the Church. It is a period of spiritual formation, prayer and education. The RCIA is not a program of classes.

Any person is welcome to consider beginning the RCIA: the person with a deep level of faith through another religious tradition, the person who has had some experience with religion, and the person who has never had any formal formation in a faith tradition. All persons, baptized and not baptized, are welcome.

The first phase of the RCIA is called INQUIRY. This is the informal period, held weekly, in which a person simply comes with questions and curiosity. The Inquiry period is ongoing; there is no start or stopping date. A person may "step in" at any time.

If a person decides he/she wants to continue, he/she is welcomed to the next phase, called the CATECHUMENATE. This is a period of several months in which the participants learn more about the full revelation of Christianity in the Catholic Church.

Generally, new Catholics are welcomed into the Church each year at the Easter Vigil, the Mass the night before Easter Sunday morning. Persons baptized in other Christian traditions are received into the Church through their making a Declaration of Faith. Persons never baptized receive the Sacrament of Baptism. There may be other times of the year when new Catholics enter the Church's family of faith.

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