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Sacred Heart, Suffield

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We are in the “Ber” months. The leaves are displaying the beautiful fall colors which means the barren trees of winter are not too far behind. We complain about temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s now but will welcome them in March and April. The seasons change dramatically in this part of the world and there isn’t anything we or any meteorologist can do about that. We can talk about it, complain about it, complain about it, and grow cold like the outdoor temperatures. Did I mention complaining about it?

The ”Ber” months can also be a time to deliberately warm up not just our homes but our hearts. Often the end of the year holidays gives us an opportunity to offer assistance to more people in need. Become more involved in charity work and open our eyes and hearts to the needs of others – globally as well as locally. I have always been proud of the good work I have seen done in the many parishes where I served throughout the years. The kindness goes through the generations of families and parish families.

Sacred Heart is no exception! There are many good works that happen here because good people step up and lend a hand. Consider warming your heart and home a bit more this year by participating in our special collections of food, gifts, household items through the Human Needs Committee. Maybe share your faith as a catechist in our Religious Education Program or participate in events that help raise money for our Parish Scholarship Fund. Consider what will work for you and if it’s not already happening here, let me know and we can figure out a way to make it happen.

Have a blessed week!

Fr. Joe Keough


Saturday at 4:00 PM
Sunday at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 AM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 AM

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If you want to receive Communion at your home, please call the Rectory to arrange for a visit.

Fair Trade items available include: coffee, tea, chocolate, almonds, cashews, olive oil, baking cocoa, chocolate chips and hot cocoa. Prices and specific item flavors are listed on a flier on the table in the front lobby.

Monday, Tuedsday, Wednesday and FRIDAY 8:00AM
No Mass on Thursday.

MASS INTENTIONS WEEK of September 24, 2023

Saturday, September 23
4:00 PM Billy Accomando

Sunday, September 24
8:00 AM Roy Family
Trevor French
Edward James Casey, M.D.
9:30 AM For Our Parishioners
11:00 AM Raymond B. McKay
Phyllis LaGarde

Monday, September 25
8:00 AM Korona Family
William W. Davis
6 – 7 PM Adoration

Tuesday, September 26
8:00 AM For Vocations

Wednesday, September 27
8:00 AM Patricia Yates

Thursday, September 28

Friday, September 29
8:00 AM Michael J. Roddy(L)~ Health &

Saturday, September 30
4:00 PM Michael Sanzaro
William J. Clark

Sunday, October 1
8:00 AM Lise Roy
9:30 AM For Our Parishioners
11:00 AM For Vocations

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